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Zoe McDougall is 16 and was raised on the North Shore of Oahu in a surfing family . Now a very competitive athlete that has been training to reach the highest levels of competitive surfing . It is her goal to reach The WSL Championship World Tour in a few years.  In 2015 Zoe was the youngest in the world in the top 50 of the WSL International Qualifying Series  (QS) world tour.

In 2015  at 15 years of age Zoe traveled the world competing on the QS in China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe , California , and Hawaii.  She began the QS tour in  2014 with a  5th place (QuarterFinals)  at The Mahalo Surf Eco Festival in Itacare’ Brazil Nov. 2014 .  January 17,  2015 on her 15 birthday Zoe advance  into round 4 at The Samsung Galaxy Hainan Pro in Waning Hainan China .

In the coming year of  2016 while competing full time Zoe will continue to work hard on her schooling, surfing, art, music . She will compete full time on the WSL QS while continuing to be a top full time high school student.

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